Undergraduate Opportunities

There are several ways to gain research experience as an undergraduate in our lab!
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We rely on our dedicated volunteers to complete our research. We try to assign volunteers tasks that most reflect our lab needs and the personal interests of the volunteer. Volunteer duties may include:

  • Working directly with infants, children, and their families conducting EEG, cardiac physiological assessment, and cognitive tasks as part of research visits

  • Programming computer tasks, working on statistical analyses and/or data visualization

  • Processing neurophysiological research data 

  • Data entry, data cleaning, and other administrative duties

Due to the level of training and responsibility required, we ask that our volunteers commit 8-10 hours per week for a minimum period of one year. 

PSY 390 for Credit

Are you a sophomore or junior looking to get hands-on experience in a research lab? Dr. Karalunas takes a handful of students each year to train and mentor under the PSY 390 course. Students can earn up to 3 credits per semester with a commitment of 9 hours per week. Due to the level of training and responsibility required, we prefer students who can take more than one semester. Research tasks will be commensurate with experience and ability. Students in the lab will be trained in a variety of tasks ranging from recruitment and screening of children and families; data entry; cognitive and neurophysiological data collection procedures; and data cleaning and processing. Outstanding students may have the opportunity to be mentored in an independent research project or honors thesis.

Honors Thesis

If you are a psychology major in the Research Focused Honors Program (RFHP) and are interested in conducting your independent, empirical project under Dr. Karalunas’ advisement, please see the Psychological Sciences website to learn more about applying.

Summer Stay Scholar Program

Our lab participates in the Summer Stay Scholar program at Purdue University. Students must take 9 credit hours of regular coursework in addition to approximately 140 hours of internship experience in our lab.

Graduate Opportunities

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

Dr. Karalunas is an Assistant Professor of the Clinical Program at Purdue University. This doctorate program nurtures the Practitioner-Researcher Model with an emphasis on research. It is credited by the APA CoA (Commission on Accreditation, American Psychological Association) and by PCSAS (Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System).

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