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Neurophysiology of Emotion (NEMO) Study

IRB-2020-1063      PI Sarah Karalunas

The iCAN Lab at Purdue University is looking for children age 7-10 years old, and their parent, to participate in a research study. Children with and without attention problems are needed to study how children control their attention and emotions. We want to learn how to help children who have difficulty paying attention or managing strong emotions.


To qualify, your child must be between 7 and 10 years old, you and your child’s primary language must be English, you must be willing to travel to either Purdue’s main campus or Hammond campus for a single onsite visit, and if your child is taking stimulant medication for ADHD/ADD, they must be able to go off of the medication for one week.


All parents will complete one phone screen. If eligible, further participation may also include questionnaires for the parent and child’s primary teacher, a clinical phone interview with the parent, one visit to our lab at Purdue (in West Lafayette or Hammond) during which your child will complete thinking tasks and an EEG battery, and two weeks of daily remote reporting on your child’s behavior via a smartphone application.


Parents who participate may be compensated up to $136. Families traveling more than 30 miles to their nearest campus are also eligible for additional payments to cover mileage/travel costs.

If you are interested in learning more about this study, click below:





If you are interested in participating, contact our lab by clicking below:

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